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Bird Spotting at Compton Verney #CVGrounds

A short and sweet post today with an image or two of some Great Spotted Woodpeckers (and more!) from the #CVGrounds team at Compton Verney.


© Alwyn Knapton/Compton Verney 2015

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Capturing Wildlife

Capturing the wildlife of Compton Verney through a lens is quite challenging, as much of it is so good at blending into the background – being heard but not seen. As soon as we walk through the coppice for example, we can hear the birds making their alarm calls as they move away. It is like having a huge invisible aura that circles a person, an aura that repels birdlife!

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Wildlife Camera @ComptonVerney

Did we mention how proud we are of the wildlife at Compton Verney? Naturally, with any size plot, there is always space to nurture and enjoy wildlife, but with our larger than average area we have lots more opportunity. We’ve well kept and tidy areas, along with wilder and less intensively managed spaces, woodlands and a large lake for example. Continue reading

Pop-up Bird Hide

An update to show a new way for us to engage with wildlife on-site at Compton Verney – a bird hide. Not the traditional one I hasten to add, but a pop-up camouflage hide!

Pop up bird hide

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Crab Spider

Don’t panic – it is tiny, I promise!

The cool temperatures pushing right through April has slowed the appearance of wildlife, insects in particular. Fortunately, things are now improving and Ed Phillips, a local wildlife photographer wasted no time in visiting our grounds to search through the undergrowth for anything of interest, with his specialist macro zoom camera.

1D3_7070_Web_2 (2) compressed

Many of Ed’s photographs are insects so tiny, that it’s often a case of snap first and identify later. Luckily, on this occasion, Ed has managed a confirmation for the image below, which we believe to be a philodromid crab spider. It is approximately 5 to 6mm across, and is seen resting on a daffodil flower bulb amongst undergrowth at Compton Verney.

Flora & Fauna at Compton Verney

Ed Phillips Wildlife