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Walking through a William Morris meadow

Did you encounter Dan Pearson’s ‘William Morris’ meadow at Compton Verney this year? Now the dust has settled and the wild flowers have been cropped, I thought I’d take a look back through poppy tinted spectacles to see what valuable lessons were learned.

Parterre image by Jamie Woodley © Compton Verney 2015

Parterre image by Jamie Woodley © Compton Verney 2015

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Garden Update 17-10-15

Chapel Bank: Arranged a little tidy last week, and more is needed, but the Verbena bonariensis is still flowering beautifully so I’m loathed to do anything just yet. The plants are knitting together really well now, but time will come to sort out what is and isn’t working well – more of this to come.
West Lawn: Much has happened over the last month. Having to retain the wild flower area until the exhibition closed, as could have been expected, pushed us into poorer weather and so the hay cut was completed in less than ideal conditions. Too much herby growth was left in situ, which isn’t great for wild flowers, so we flail mowed then Adam took to the worse areas with the trusty knapsack blower, collecting as much grassy debris as we could. It certainly smartened up the lawn, which is already greening nicely and the wild flowers now have a fighting chance. Continue reading

West Lawn Weeds Need Your Help!

After all: “A weed is just a wild flower in the wrong place”.


To present a garden, and in my case a landscape garden in a certain way requires finding a balance, a balance between what we actively plant in terms of ornamentals, but more widely, considering a balance in terms of the ‘weeds’ we retain as wild flowers. Does this make sense? Continue reading

Stirring a Hornet’s Nest

I’m glad to report that our west lawn has received its end of season cut, amidst much activity on site. Now part of our ongoing maintenance schedule for the lawn, we aim to carry out this activity each season in the pursuit of a richer wild flower sward – from 2016 we’ll be cutting this area from mid-summer.


Mowing the West Lawn at Compton Verney, ahead of baling. ©Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014

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