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Colour – An Autumn Selection from Compton Verney.

Although our gates are closed to general visitors for a month or so, activity continues apace in and around the grounds. More of these goings-on in a forthcoming post, for now I hope to bring a shot of colour to the generally gloomy December days we are presently experiencing.

I count myself amongst the luckiest of people, being able to work at such a special location; dripping with character, packed with variety and full of rich colour – especially so in autumn. Before the memory of autumn is completely replaced by the festive glow, I thought I’d bring together a selection of images taken whilst out and about at Compton Verney.

A link at the foot of this post links to these, and more images in the form of a video.



This foliage on a Cedar of Lebanon is to be found inches above the ground above the front lawn at Compton Verney

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Grass Happy at Compton Verney!

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind to be fair, the team having been reduced by 50% due to some well deserved annual leave. Negatively, much has needed to be put on hold during this time as the demands of the season call for grass cutting; and lots of! On the positive side however, I’ve been forced into spending much more time out in the grounds so as not to fall behind with mowing, time that I’ve cherished.


Looking east from the spring at Compton Verney.

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