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September – The Landscape at Compton Verney

Welcome to this ‘September’ article, the ninth in a series of posts which aim to review, through photographs, twelve months of activity in and around the diverse landscape of Compton Verney. It’s a historic landscape that has seen much change, from the shaping of the areas as new plants establish to the visual delight gained from one of a number of artistic interactions.

There are huge changes in the atmosphere from the busiest of open days to quiet days when just bird song can be heard. Either way, visually the landscape changes minute by minute and it’s wonderful to be there to experience it – and on occasion capture an image or two!

Links to other months will be added at the bottom of the page, but for now, I hope you enjoy ‘September – The landscape at Compton Verney’ :


Early Autumn arrives with its misty mornings, whilst the cattle in the North Park carry on ripping at the tufty parkland grass. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014


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Tai Chi at Compton Verney

Another Compton Verney Grounds event plug from me – however – this one is cost-free, very different from our normal offering and one that I think fits perfectly with our landscape!

It is a Tai chi class and demonstration this Saturday morning, September 20th where well practised leaders have use of the landscape, and will aim to run sessions in a number of evocative spaces. Depending on group numbers, leaders will have a host of locations to choose from sculpted, open lawn areas, to intimate spaces sheltered by overhead trees. What a great way to interact with such a wonderful landscape.

It is an ideal way for people to try tai chi at a stunning new venue. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the organisers at the Swan School via the link below, who are happy to talk more about the event.

Information direct from organisers flyer:

This is an all-weather event run by The Swan School of Tai Chi and Chi Gung, where you can combine the beauty of this Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown designed landscape with the flowing, graceful movements of Tai chi.

There is also opportunity to join in future Tai chi classes enjoying the landscape, wildlife and changing seasons at Compton Verney (CV35 9HZ).

Please follow the link to register your place – Eventbrite, or click on Swan School of Tai Chi for more information.