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Scything the Landscape

Last week we welcomed a small but focused group to Compton Verney for ‘An Introduction to Scything’ workshop which was administered by flora locale as part of their training programme for 2015. The day was attended by keen beginners who were tutored by scything expert Clive Leeke, bringing the total number of attendees to Clive’s workshops to an impressive 1000!


The happy mowers unite! © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

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Do you see yourself as the next Poldark?

Many weeks have passed since those Sunday night episodes of Poldark. Yes, the very mention of that name sends a shiver down many a spine!

Well, let me think; there was swaying grass and wide open skies. There were purposeful swipes of the scythe and flashes of sunshine from the razor sharp blade. Did I mention a bead or two of perspiration running down ‘the’ chin? ‘Enough!’ I hear you say… Continue reading