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Strolling through the East Park

A few recent images following a trip around the East Park at Compton Verney, an area of seventy acres or so, now re-establishing as a wild flower meadow under higher level stewardship agreement with DEFRA. These two fields are settling down beautifully with their light-touch management, which consisted initially of re-seeding with native wild flowers, and an ongoing annual regime of cutting, baling, and autumn grazing.


(c) Compton Verney

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Flora, a June Selection from Compton Verney.

A small selection of flower images of plants to be found in the first half of June 2013 around the Landscape and Gardens of Compton Verney.

Horse Chestnut in the ice house coppice area:


Flower panicle of Aesculus hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut at Compton Verney.

Persian Lilac in the ice house coppice:


A very delicate and beautiful type of Lilac. Syringa x persica

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