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One Misty Morning

We have been treated to some lovely mild autumn days recently, the last few in particular preceded by chilly early mornings. The middle and upper pools at Compton Verney respond beautifully to this sort of weather, and Monday this week was one to treasure – thankfully I had a camera with me!


© Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014

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Wintry Compton Verney

Considering Compton Verney at other times of the year, are you one of those who likes to lie back on the lakeside grassy banks and enjoy the sunshine? Or do you prefer to stroll around the vast East Park to enjoy the wider scene? Or maybe you prefer to pause on a bench at the foot of the mansion wall?

If so you might be surprised to see how the gardens and landscape are transformed under snowy conditions, and for this reason, especially during our present closed season at Compton Verney, I thought it worth reaching back to some January 2013 images collected over a couple of personal visits to check the condition of the grounds.

To set the scene, the main roads were passable each time, but beyond this minor routes and private estate tracks remained under snow. Temperatures were below freezing with an icy breeze, and a sparkling carpet of insulation concealed the varied ground beneath…. 


An insulating blanket of snow all around – exquisite!

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