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A Thinking Gardener…

A few observations as I travel through the grounds of Compton Verney before work…

Those clumps of Lily of the Valley I brought from home last year are establishing well, I wonder how far they will spread across the corner near the visitor lodge. The shrubs we planted the season before last however have good-sized cracks in the soil around them; just like the parkland soil last week. The plants are OK, but we’ll need some rain soon or they’ll need a good soak… Continue reading

Flora, a June Selection from Compton Verney.

A small selection of flower images of plants to be found in the first half of June 2013 around the Landscape and Gardens of Compton Verney.

Horse Chestnut in the ice house coppice area:


Flower panicle of Aesculus hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut at Compton Verney.

Persian Lilac in the ice house coppice:


A very delicate and beautiful type of Lilac. Syringa x persica

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