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Wintry Compton Verney

Considering Compton Verney at other times of the year, are you one of those who likes to lie back on the lakeside grassy banks and enjoy the sunshine? Or do you prefer to stroll around the vast East Park to enjoy the wider scene? Or maybe you prefer to pause on a bench at the foot of the mansion wall?

If so you might be surprised to see how the gardens and landscape are transformed under snowy conditions, and for this reason, especially during our present closed season at Compton Verney, I thought it worth reaching back to some January 2013 images collected over a couple of personal visits to check the condition of the grounds.

To set the scene, the main roads were passable each time, but beyond this minor routes and private estate tracks remained under snow. Temperatures were below freezing with an icy breeze, and a sparkling carpet of insulation concealed the varied ground beneath…. 


An insulating blanket of snow all around – exquisite!

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Flora, a June Selection from Compton Verney.

A small selection of flower images of plants to be found in the first half of June 2013 around the Landscape and Gardens of Compton Verney.

Horse Chestnut in the ice house coppice area:


Flower panicle of Aesculus hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut at Compton Verney.

Persian Lilac in the ice house coppice:


A very delicate and beautiful type of Lilac. Syringa x persica

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Grass Happy at Compton Verney!

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind to be fair, the team having been reduced by 50% due to some well deserved annual leave. Negatively, much has needed to be put on hold during this time as the demands of the season call for grass cutting; and lots of! On the positive side however, I’ve been forced into spending much more time out in the grounds so as not to fall behind with mowing, time that I’ve cherished.


Looking east from the spring at Compton Verney.

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Grounds Tour

Interested in gardens, art, plants or landscape history? Or are you planning a visit to view Compton Verney’s stunning collections and exhibitions? You may be interested to hear that whilst on site, you can join me, head of landscape and gardens for a one hour tour of the grounds where I’ll talk about all of the above and more.

Crown Imperial at Compton Verney

We shall be walking around the lawns and through the restored path network of the wooded ice house coppice, where I shall describe and point out the key historical development of the grounds, lost and restored features, and of course our valuable plants and wildlife. The grounds tour is a great opportunity to see another, very different side to this magnificent arts venue.

Tours are on the first Thursday of each month, at 1:30pm, and are available free to members or for visitors who purchase a collection and grounds ticket – please sign up at ticket desk on arrival.

Do come along and show your support for the grounds. I very much look forward to seeing you on the next tour!

You can also pick up on our occasional tweets via the Compton Verney Twitter page – just search on #CVGrounds 

Gary Webb
Head of Landscape and Gardens

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