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An Autumn Stroll

The stroll into work takes many forms, and staff and volunteers at Compton Verney are most definitely spoiled. Walking as our visitors do along the paths and drives that lead from the car park to the gallery can be a mixed blessing, and there are the odd days when it can be a little too fresh so to speak. However, every now and then, and for many different reasons, we get witness things that make that walk memorable and very special.


Adam Bridge at Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

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2013 Landscape & Garden (pictorial) Review


January – Although snow came and went through to March, this early helping kept us more than busy clearing the lengthy drives for staff and residents + a little modelling too! Continue reading

Colour – An Autumn Selection from Compton Verney.

Although our gates are closed to general visitors for a month or so, activity continues apace in and around the grounds. More of these goings-on in a forthcoming post, for now I hope to bring a shot of colour to the generally gloomy December days we are presently experiencing.

I count myself amongst the luckiest of people, being able to work at such a special location; dripping with character, packed with variety and full of rich colour – especially so in autumn. Before the memory of autumn is completely replaced by the festive glow, I thought I’d bring together a selection of images taken whilst out and about at Compton Verney.

A link at the foot of this post links to these, and more images in the form of a video.



This foliage on a Cedar of Lebanon is to be found inches above the ground above the front lawn at Compton Verney

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Spotted and Potted – Grounds Update October 28 2013

I’m relieved to report that at least as far as Compton Verney’s grounds are concerned, the damage expected from the overnight storm hasn’t materialised. Most of the leaves are left on the trees, much as last week, and although a little damp underfoot, the grounds are largely back to normal – and awaiting your visit!


After the rain…

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