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Spotted and Potted – Grounds Update October 28 2013

I’m relieved to report that at least as far as Compton Verney’s grounds are concerned, the damage expected from the overnight storm hasn’t materialised. Most of the leaves are left on the trees, much as last week, and although a little damp underfoot, the grounds are largely back to normal – and awaiting your visit!


After the rain…

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Georgian Weekend Revelry

Now that the dust has settled, if not the post event gossip, I thought it worth adding a short post about the Georgian Weekend we enjoyed at the end of September. In the very least, I hope the photographs might paint a picture of the general revelry we enjoyed over the weekend.


The Mannered Mob, plus one extra gardener posing beneath the portico at Compton Verney.

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A Georgian Weekend Gardener

Well, of all the things… There I was being all supportive for a forthcoming ‘Georgian Weekend’ at Compton Verney, when a comment sprang forth from my lips: what about costumed people in the grounds, as well as in the mansion?

And several months later, I find myself in the costume department of the Royal Shakespeare Company… Eeek – when will I learn to keep quiet!!


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Compton Verney Country Garden Fair – A quick review!

I thought I’d assemble a short post to show my appreciation for all the hard work and support that people gave towards our first Country Garden Fair at Compton Verney. I’m relieved to say it was a success, and all ran smoothly.

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Country Garden Fair

Saturday 20th April is the date we’re waiting for at Compton Verney, for this is our first attempt at a new venture that we hope grows and grows – A Country Garden Fair!


The idea for the fair was born following a succesful Textile Fair in 2012, which proved a hit amongst our members and visitors. In line with the character and grandeur of the mansion, we chose for our first Country Garden Fair to keep the main focus once again in the splendid Adam Hall, and have attracted a line up of quality suppliers from around the area, all selling goods themed to the event title – be prepared however, there may be some unexpected surprise sellers!


Potential suppliers were given an option to choose an inside or outside location, and we’re happy to announce that two stalls in particular will be featured in the courtyard beneath the columns of the mansion portico selling a range of plant material – so for those looking to take away some leafy goods for the garden; there will be sufficient opportunity.

We’re keen to try new ventures here at Compton Verney, and the Country Garden Fair is certainly that, but please remember that for this event their is no additional entry cost – a collections and grounds ticket is all you need to gain entry to the fair. Without wishing to distract visitors from our stunning exhibitions currently in the galleries, it’s great to see a garden focus, especially at this time as they’re blossoming in their own right.


There’s a play area for adventurous youngsters, family trails, a willow tunnel, picnic areas and art in the grounds, and if this wasn’t enough; there’s 48 hectares of ‘Capability’ Brown parkland, lawns and woodland gardening to enjoy. Remembering we’re a charitable trust, we urge you to visit if you have the opportunity and support this new venture which in turn supports the work of the grounds team – who will indeed be on hand to talk about the estate and gardening work at our favourite Compton Verney.

In the grounds now you’ll find sweet violets in the lawns, wind flowers beneath the trees, and daffodils throughout the ice house coppice. We’ll also be lifting some surplus snowdrops ‘in-the-green’ for sale on the grounds team plant stall – do come along and show your support, and if you can’t make it on Saturday, then please do tell others and share on twitter and facebook – every visitor helps!

11 – 5 this Saturday – click here for event details.

Bye for now, and hope to see you at Compton Verney.