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They call me Capability Brown

Below is a colourful, informative and entertaining video, the latest offering from CB300 HQ, or the Capability Brown Festival team to be more precise, and in support of the 2016 year of celebration.

It’s a fast pace film so hold on to your horses, and remember to keep your eyes peeled for a view of the landscape at Compton Verney! Just click on the play icon below, or click on the following link to catch your five minute Brownian whirlwind tour!

Click Here.



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Shakespeare and ‘Capability’ Brown at Compton Verney

Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park in south Warwickshire has now opened for the 2016 season with two stunning and well received exhibitions: SHAKESPEARE IN ART – Tempests, Tyrants and Tragedy, and BOYDELL’S VISION – The Shakespeare Gallery in the 18th Century.

It is clear that these exhibitions were scheduled to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, but in addition to those mentioned, there is another anniversary to explore, to discover and enjoy this year at Compton Verney. Continue reading

Capability Brown Festival Update – Compton Verney

On Monday this week I ventured down to the capital for a workshop with a difference, titled New Ways of Looking at Brown. ‘Capability’ Brown was the subject of course, around which we learned from a range of speakers of some of the diverse projects that are springing up, with encouragement from the CB300 festival committee.


New Ways of Looking at Brown

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Capability Brown Festival Information Day

At Compton Verney tomorrow, Wednesday 18th June, we’re playing hosts to a Capability Brown Festival Information Day. Although this is a private event, engagement activities will be placed around the grounds from midday onwards – therefore, if you’re wondering which afternoon you should visit this week – Wednesday would be ideal!  Continue reading

CB300 – Capability Brown Tercentenary 2016

For landscape, garden and history supporters, an exciting year is on the horizon as Twenty Sixteen will mark three hundred years since the birth of our most famous gardener – Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

Many estates across the land will be looking to host events as we move towards and through 2016, in an effort to build interest and awarness for this fascinating ‘place-maker’ or garden designer. Compton Verney in particular plans to draw focus toward its landscape garden, a beautifully formed example of an eighteenth century English landscape garden, a natural style of landscaping that Brown is well known for.

Over two hundred landscapes nationwide bear the mark of Brown and to ensure a unified and consistent approach, a group formed in 2012 with the aim of representing the interests of us all, the group will be working under the title of CB300. The scope is very wide but essentially the CB300 committee aim to coordinate and encourage events as we move towards and through the tercentenary year. Individuals within the group represent many of our best known heritage and tourism organisations, and the group is supported by many individuals from independant landscapes and gardens.

I understand a central website for the tercentenary group is under construction, and when this goes live I’ll be sure to let you know. In lieu of this, if you would like further information on CB300 events, or would like to be more involved there’s an excellent article with contact details on the Garden History Society Website.

Furthermore, you may learn more by reading the first newsletter that was created late 2012 titled Issue One of the Capability Brown 300 Newsletter.

Please do comment via the form (above) if you have any ideas or questions concerning the 2016 Capability Brown celebrations – I’ll happily pass them on to the relevant people.